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General Knowledge
This is the general knowledge questions and answers section on "Sports" with ... All students, freshers
4 Question  |  By Sandeep Kumar  |  27 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

Current Affair
Current Affair
Increase your General knowlegde for the upcoming competitive exams. Question-: Which company came into a joint venture with television distribution company DEN to launch TV ??Commerce? channel?
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common sense
0 Question  |  By Shreya Shrivastava  |  0 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

Have you done iPHONE Applicaton/Game Development Course?
Please mention the name of the institute from where you completed this course.
0 Question  |  By Nisha Suvarna  |  0 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

All India Anticorruption Mission Entrance Exam
All India Anticorruption Mission Entrance Exam
We had started one mission i.s India Against Crime & Corruption. For the same we are hiring / enrolling the smart,enthusiastic,Bold,confident candidates. This Entrance Exam is design by National Prsident for those candidates. Our Best Wishes are always with you. Good Luck...! ! " Jai Hindi "
1 Question  |  By Nandkishor N Shewale  |  0 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

Cricket World Cup
Cricket World Cup
31 Question  |  By Ankur Tiwari  |  95 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

general knowledge
general knowledge
all the new current affairs
11 Question  |  By Deepshikha Rawat  |  48 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

Auto Cad
It is basically about designing,editing
11 Question  |  By Dolly Dogra  |  2 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

Software Testing
Software Testing
Check yourself in software Testing.
11 Question  |  By Shreya Shrivastava  |  130 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

y challenge related to science.
12 Question  |  By Radhika Sharma  |  24 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

Ychallenge test related to accounts & finance
10 Question  |  By Swapnil Jain  |  10 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

Name the Startup
Name the Startup
A few pointers will be mentioned according to which you have to guess the name of the startup
13 Question  |  By Aqs Malhotra  |  13 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology
A quiz about the live of Greek Gods, both the Olympians and Titans
24 Question  |  By Aqs Malhotra  |  6 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

C Master
Difficulty Level somehow medium-high.
29 Question  |  By Kanji Viroja  |  17 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

C skill
C skill
Here,All the Question related to C Language.I consider all program run in GCC compiler.
15 Question  |  By Kanji Viroja  |  24 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

to improve entrepreneurial skills
0 Question  |  By Pulapa A S R Chandra Sekhar  |  0 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

This test will basically give insight about the basic knowledge that a person is having about the Business Development.
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Android Stars  <:-)>
Android Stars <:-)>
General test in a search of an ANDROID STAR.
8 Question  |  By Saurabh Joshi  |  19 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

Its a general test to test the knowledge of smartphone users.
0 Question  |  By Saurabh Joshi  |  0 Attempt(s)  |  Rank Board

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